Monday, January 26, 2009

Wireless Sensor Networks


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Sensor network

Why Wireless?

Wireless sensor networks represent an entirely new way of looking at computing. In a sensor network, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of tiny, battery-powered computers, often called “Motes”, are scattered throughout the environment to collect sensor data, e.g. light, temperature, humidity, vibration. The Motes form an adhoc network that relays the sensor data, to a specified destination for processing. This sensory input gets analyzed by more traditional enterprise computing system to optimize operational processes.

Crossbow’s XMesh technology delivers a mesh networking solution for self-forming, self-healing wireless sensor applications. Over-the-air-programming enables live updates and provisioning of deployed networks.

Crossbow’s Radio Communication: Our hardware platform provides highly optimal microcontroller, radio and sensor integration for low-cost, low-power sensor applications with multiple frequency bands.

The XServe gateway server middleware allows easy integration of the wireless sensor network with enterprise computing systems.

The MoteView visualization and management tool enables to optimize network configuration and analyze sensor information interactively. Eset Nod32 username password

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